Gross written premium (1999):

Gross written premium (1999):

Zurich Financial Services Group

Year company established:

UK head office:
22 Arlington Street
tel: 02380 495 5563
fax: 02380 877 093



Company history:
The UK general insurance business of Zurich Financial Services (UKISA) is part of the global Zurich Financial Services Group. Zurich Financial Services comprises the group's operations in the UK, Ireland and South Africa.

It is one of the largest non-life insurers in the UK and has a strong portfolio of life brands, including Allied Dunbar, Eagle Star, Threadneedle and Zurich.

The Zurich Financial Services Group provides solutions in the area of financial protection and asset accumulation. The group concentrates on five business segments: non-life and life insurance, reinsurance, Farmer's Management Services and asset management. With its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, the group also has a world-wide presence. Its three key markets are the US, the UK and Switzerland

Chief officer:
Patrick O'Sullivan

Patrick O'Sullivan was born in Dublin and grew up in Co Kildare. He is a graduate of both Trinity College, Dublin and the London School of Economics.

After working for Arthur Andersen and the Bank of America, he joined the US investment bank Goldman Sachs in 1988 as financial controller for Europe and, in 1990, he moved to Financial Guaranty Insurance Company (FGIC). He was appointed to the FGIC board in 1993 before leaving a year later to join BZW, the former investment banking arm of Barclays. In September 1996, he became the chief operating officer.

In September 1997 he joined Eagle Star Insurance Company as chief executive and he was appointed chief executive UK general insurance, Zurich Financial Services, in September 1998 with the merger of the financial services arm of BAT Industries and the Zurich Group

UK branch offices:

UK staff:

UK general insurance agents: information not available

UK general insurance “club style” agents: information not available

Direct arm:
Eagle Star

Main classes of business:
home, motor, travel, life, pensions, engineering, local authorities, public sector including NHS trusts, commercial, yacht and motor boat, international and bonds.

Key general insurance personnel:
Ian Owen, managing director, personal direct
Andy Harvey, managing director, personal intermediary
Eddie Hester, managing director, Zurich International
Roger Cottell, managing director, Zurich Engineering
Derek McLaughlan, managing director, commercial
John Murray, managing director, Zurich Municipal
Ann Akers, managing director, home and overseas
Dennis Mossman, managing director, navigators and general
Richard White, managing director, Zurich GSG