Gross written premium (1999):

Gross written premium (1999):

American International Group (AIG)

Year company established:

UK head office:
AIG Building
120 Fenchurch Street
London EC3M 5BP
Tel: 020 7626 7866
Fax: 020 7280 8973



Company history:
AIG Europe (UK), general agent to New Hampshire, is one of the largest companies specialising in the business insurance markets.

Based in London, AIG Europe (UK) includes more than half of the FTSE top 500 companies among its clients,

as well as many other business and public sector organisations. Its first office opened in London in 1953 and it now has offices in Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Croydon, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Reading and Watford.

AIG Europe (UK) provides business solutions to a diverse range of UK and multi-national companies. A specialist

in a number of niche markets, it provides accident and health and financial lines insurance covers. New product lines are also constantly being developed, including internet liabilities and crisis management. As well as insurance protection, AIG Europe (UK) offers a number of risk management and rehabilitation services

Chief officer:
Nicholas Walsh

Nicholas Walsh joined AIG's London office in 1973 as an underwriter and held a succession of underwriting and management positions in the UK and Brussels.

In 1980 he moved to Vienna as general manager of AIG's European American Underwriters, and in 1985 became managing director of Union Atlantique de Reassurances in Brussels.

In 1989 he was appointed managing director of AIG Europe (UK) based in London until 1993 when he became president of AIG's continental European property-casualty company.

In August 1996 he was appointed managing director of AIG Europe (UK) and president of the UK/Ireland division. He is a vice-president of AIG Inc

UK branch offices:

UK staff:
600 plus

UK general insurance agents:
600 plus

Number of UK general insurance "club style" agents:

Main classes of business:
accident and health - 16%,
aviation - 13%,
property - 19%,
general liability - 28%
and pecuniary loss - 18%

Key general insurance personnel:
Mike Giblin, assistant managing director
Mike Whitwell, assistant managing director
Jeffrey Malkovsky, deputy president
Steve Eckhardt, claims
Nicola Maclennan, marketing
Nigel Childs, finance