I wholeheartedly agree with Kevin Pallett (Letters, 23 June) and would be delighted to see a 100% contract certainty perfection rate.

However, I am a realist. From my analysis of the broker market it appears clear that we will struggle to achieve even 90%, let alone 100%.

Although this may seem negative, on the upside the 10% balance will allow those who can achieve 90% and more to go a stage further and differentiate themselves from the rest.

But we must not lose sight of our driving force. All policyholders should be given at least 21 days' notice of their renewal terms.

It is essential that all clients understand what the insurance is providing prior to the renewal or attachment date. The issuance of a policy is a consequence of the contract of insurance and its evidence.

In this industry we are great at talking. We need to listen to our customers, who demand excellence and convenience. This can be achieved by making the purchase of insurance as simple as possible and issuing contracts in accordance with clients' requirements.

Peter J Staddon
Head of technical services