While David Cameron is urging the British public to show "a lot more love" for society's hood-wearing youngsters by "hugging a hoodie", AA Insurance appears to be adopting a similar approach with its new product.

The insurer has come out in favour of the 'white van man' by re-entering the van insurance market after a two-year absence.

In an act of affection, Kevin Sinclair, managing director of AA Insurance, said: "The new cover aims to support the 'silent majority' of van owner-drivers who prefer to be recognised for their craftsmanship rather than their 'white van man' image."

While AA Insurance's rally cry not to demonise the white van man is admirable, Backchat can't help feeling that the company is as likely to "hug a white van man" as Dave Cameron is to cuddle up to an 18-year-old scoundrel.