The AA is to seek parliamentary clarification on why data protection issues are holding up co-operation between parties involved in tackling uninsured driving.

The group is concerned that legislative and cost barriers are currently blocking free exchange and use of information between agencies such as the police, local councils and the Motor Insurers Database.

AA head of road safety Andrew Howard said that currently around seven different agencies collect data about cars.

"At the moment there seems to be remarkably little co-operation between the various parties. By asking the right questions to ministers we hope to go back to basics to find out what the problems are in the data protection part of the system," he said.

Professor Greenaway is due to report to the government within the next three months on what steps should be taken to combat uninsured driving.

  • The AA quarterly premium index remained flat for the first three months of 2004, confirming fears that both housing and motor insurance markets are softening.
  • Home insurance fell just 18p for a £200 policy, while motor insurance fell 50p on an average price of £776.06.