I am writing to correct the misapprehension that Admiral is committed to the retention of DOC cover in the long-term, "despite the recommendations of the Greenaway Report".

We are very supportive of the recommendations of the Greenaway Report which was one of the most constructive reports to emerge in recent years. Implementation of the report's recommendations has the potential to reduce significantly the level of uninsured driving in the UK.

Retention of DOC by the insurance industry remains a barrier to efficient identification and punishment of uninsured drivers and significantly reduces the value of the electronic databases in which the industry has invested significant amounts of time and money.

Removal of DOC, however, does increase the risk that innocent motorists, brought up on an assumption of DOC cover, might end up inadvertently driving without insurance. Admiral is currently looking at the potential ways of minimising the risk of this occurring if DOC were to be removed, and will then consider its options.

David Stevens
Underwriting director
Admiral Group