Direct motor insurer Admiral has linked up with online database Business Services in a bid to combat fraudulent claimants.

The database draws on a variety of sources including current and historical electoral rolls, Companies House data, street maps and aerial photography.

According to underwriting and fraud controller Andrew Evans: "It allows us to verify the identities both of claimants and third parties .

"We were formerly using a system on a CD-Rom, but because this is online, it can be updated in real time."

He said fraudsters often give similar addresses or dates of birth and that the system could help pick up on anomalies.

"A key feature of the service is that it can provide data on addresses and residents whose details are similar to the searched data, rather than just give a pass or fail," he said.

"And UK street maps overlaid with aerial photography and places of interest can allow location-based questions which can further confirm identities."