I deal with ULR claims for many major brokers and I have to say that the service levels of some of the biggest names in insurance are poor, to say the least.

First on my list is More Than: the dog may be called lucky but clients involved in accidents with More Than insurance are not so lucky. We appreciate that all companies can have problems from time to time with dealing promptly with correspondence and calls, but this company takes the biscuit.

Insurers and solicitors alike are bound by RTA protocol but the former flout the law by not complying with the time scales, if you do get an update it always appears guarded - that is, they are making further enquiries or simply ignore correspondence until written to with a complaint - and they seem to get away with this practice.

Number two is Norwich Union Direct, where you have to wait anything up to 20 minutes to get through to speak to them. "Think happy", which is there advertising spiel for quotes, does not seem appropriate when trying to settle non-fault claims.

My favourites for prompt, efficient service are Tesco, Direct Line and Fortis, who deal with correspondence and calls in acceptable time scales.

It may be worth having a poll from your readers on their best and worst insurers and hopefully we can see some improvements.

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