Brokers need to prepare for changes to the Motor Insurance Database (MID) that come into effect on 1 January 2008, Allianz Cornhill has commented.

The insurer said that intermediaries could take a number of steps to ensure they are compliant with the move to a seven-day deadline to send vehicle details to the MID:

• Insurance brokers should submit EDI and non-EDI transactions to the appropriate insurer on a daily basis
• All transactions should be submitted on the day of issue with supporting documentation (proposal forms, NCB and additional detail forms) following in line with the insurers time requirements
• Insurers should ensure processes are in place to submit the necessary information to the MID without delay
• Immediate notification of lapses for policies not renewed by their renewal date should be flagged up to the MID
• Where possible, communications such as teleprocessing, e-mail and fax should be utilised.

Paul Brimble, business standards analyst for Allianz Cornhill Personal, said: "New methods of tackling uninsured driving offer the opportunity to change the perception that insurance is not a necessity, which can be found in areas with a high rate of uninsured drivers. However, for this to work the MID must prove to be accurate and timely."

During 2008, Allianz Cornhill anticipated that new legislation will allow the police force to undertake vehicle seizures from the uninsured without the need for identification by Automatic Number Plate Recognition.