Crawford & Co is set to embark on a UK fraud investigation roadshow in an effort to raise insurers and brokers awareness of anti-fraud issues.

The roadshow will deal with matters including prevention and detection, fraud assessment, motives for fraud, and data protection issues.

Birmingham and Glasgow have already been earmarked as stop-off points for the roadshow, which made its first appearance in London this week.

Crawford head of counter fraud solutions Bobby Gracey said: "Everyone has there own fraud tools, and it's important we get people talking about them."

Crawford recently signed an agreement with Experian to use the database provider's system for searches relating to commercial losses.

Crawford will run searches on the Experian database in investigations where there is a suspected crime.

"Experian will come in to install the software for the investigation team as well as provide training," said Gracey.

Experian is one of four suppliers that were recently shortlisted by the ABI as potential suppliers of an industry-wide fraud database.