Broker's 10,000 employees to be scored in four areas

Aon's directors and staff are to be given `report cards' as part of a drive to put the customer first and maximise sales opportunities.

All 10,000 of the giant broking group's UK staff will eventually be judged on the cards, the first of which are being introduced now.

Starting with top bosses and working down to junior staff, everyone will be rated under four separate headings deemed crucial to Aon's success: people, customer, operations and finance.

Aon's new managing director of business development Alun Evans, who expects his card to arrive in the next few days, said the reports would provide a tightly focused and long-term way of measuring performance.

He said: "It's expanding way beyond the normal profit and loss results at the end of each month."

The balance score cards will be used to measure progress for up to three to five years, and will be on hand for use in staff pay and bonus reviews.

As well as the cards, Aon is creating committees and new staff roles to focus attention on the customer, and maximising opportunities from existing clients.

A risk services operating committee, under deputy chairman Max Taylor, which met for the first time last month, brings together bosses of all the group's businesses to swap notes across the top of the organisation.

Other committees based on job functions are being created to unite strategic thinking across the group.

Evans, who is creating a sales and marketing committee due to meet for the first time later this month, said it would help formalise the task of spotting opportunities in a client's business. "It's all about sharing information around Aon about what the organisation does for its clients," he said.