Broker is looking to improve its SME offering through new partnerships

Aon is set to look to smaller brokers to improve its SME product distribution, according to Aon Risk Solutions UK retail business chief executive Jim Herbert.

Herbert told Insurance Times that Aon will be looking to partnerships with smaller brokers to help bring another element to its distribution network.

“There is a play around partnerships,” he said. “We think there are other ways to distribution and we would be very happy to talk to smaller brokers that have something of value from a partnership. We are looking to partner with some, but not in a conditional network sense.”

And Herbert said that the SME marketplace is still one of the fundamentally important area for clients where these partnerships could work, and that customers will be attracted to the Aon brand.

“People who buy SMEs are owner managers; their personal wealth is linked to the success of the business – their house, their car, their pensions. Therefore they want to be advised in this space,” Herbert said.

“It is of key importance to understand how we can bring more value to SME clients. There is no one else who can compete with our brand product build and distribution through IT; we bring something different.”