I welcome the fact that law firm Beachcroft Wansbroughs is looking into the impact of the FSA's arrow visits. I call on it to make this information public as soon as possible.

It is clearly of benefit to brokers that an independent researcher of some gravitas is involved. It is all very well turning the spotlight on a brokers' procedures, but what if the investigator is found wanting?

A fellow broker told me that during his arrow visit there appeared to be confusion as to what a wholesaler was. And I have heard that FSA staff are struggling to find problem areas and instead are castigating brokers on the way training is logged and the positioning of FSA logos. There are no doubt thousands of unauthorised secondary intermediaries selling cover, but the FSA chooses instead to concentrate on criticising well-run brokers. Arrow visits cost money, cause anxiety and disrupt service to customers. We should know the background of those who are conducting these visits.

Name and address withheld