New account to be serviced by Direct Commercial

Ascot Underwriting has launched in to commercial motor.

Ascot will begin underwriting the new line of business from 1st March 2010. The account will be serviced by Direct Commercial Ltd and underwritten by Phil Cunningham, managing director of Direct Commercial.

"I am excited about the opportunities in the commercial motor market," said Andrew Brooks, chief executive of Ascot. "Direct Commercial has generated underwriting profits in this sector in each year of account since starting operations in 2002.

"Combining Direct Commercial's proven track record with Phil Cunningham's 18 years of experience and Ascot's bespoke approach, we are confident that we are bringing a compelling offering to this market."

Phil Cunningham said: "I am delighted to work with an organisation as strong as Ascot. This new venture will offer our clients good policy wordings and fantastic service backed up by the security of Lloyd's."