Time for new leadership, says Mark Wilson

Aviva chief executive Mark Wilson has quit, in a surprise move, saying new leadership is required.

Wilson said the company was in “poor health” when he joined in January 2013 and added: “I am happy I leave the company in a strong position from which it can thrive.”

Wilson’s legacy

Wilson had been credited with making speedy reforms and picking up the company following the controversial reign of former boss Andrew Moss.

His biggest move was the acquisiton of Friends Life Group, which helped bolster Aviva’s overall captial position. 

The 52-year-old styled himself as a digital enthusiast, embracing the idea of Aviva’s digital garage in Hoxton.

A well-published claim was that Aviva would eventually roll out no questions home insurance. 

But he also angered investors with his decision to redeem preference shares.

In March, Aviva scrapped controversial plans to cancel £450m of high-performing preference shares.

He provoked more anger when it emerged he had taken a set on the board of BlackRock, the world’s biggest fund manager.

UK boss Andy Briggs is now favourite to take over.