Anglo Underpinning is a medium size contractor with no claims history. It is currently with Norwich Union, who gave no notice that it was pulling out of this market. Only after complaints, did it offer Anglo terms for a further year at an increase of 200%.

It's clear that insurers and underwriters are using 11 September to increase premiums to an unreasonable level. There isn't any respect for customers like us, who pay their premiums and have no claims.

Anglo Underpinning is willing to bring contractors together, in order to resolve the greed of insurers. Having received numerous calls from contractors asking us how we are approaching the matter, we would like to hear from others.

P Rogers
Anglo Underpinning
Tel: 01702 290222

Send letters to: Insurance Times, 30 Cannon Street, London, EC4M 6YJ

or email , or fax : 020 7618 3499