Greenaway report...

Greenaway reportThe Greenaway report, the long-awaited report into what steps should be taken to combat uninsured driving, will be released on 14 July.(First published on 29 June)

Aspen expansionBermuda-based Aspen Insurance is to expand its London market insurance portfolio. It has recruited a new underwriting team to establish a marine insurance business as part of the expansion.(First published on 29 June)

Arc legal packageArc Legal Assistance has launched a specialist commercial legal costs insurance package for international broker Besso. (First published on 28 June)

Lloyd's PrettejohnLloyd's chief executive Nick Prettejohn said the US insurance industry has "lost more money underwriting in the past 25 years than historians calculate as the global cost of the First World War." Speaking at the annual Association of Lloyd's Members (ALM), Prettejohn said the industry as a whole has "systematically underpriced its product". He added: "Making money, especially in down cycles, has proved on average a task beyond the industry." (First published on 28 June)

Actuary reviewThe Treasury has announced that Sir Derek Morris is seeking views from all interested parties on his review of the actuarial profession. The consultation paper issued today said Morris intended to focus on: the role of the appointed actuary; standard setting and monitoring audit; peer review and scrutiny of disciplinary procedures; the role of the Government Actuary's Department.(First published on 28 June)