Oh, the power of the press. It seems that an article buried on page six of IT's 25 May issue, breaking the news that Biba was threatening to refer an insurer to the FSA after it admitted to brokers that it wouldn't hit contract certainty targets, caused quite a stir among some industry players.

In fact, the association received a number of calls about the 'Biba confronts code violator' article from brokers and insurers all wanting to know who the guilty party was, with some paranoid individuals even concerned that it may be them.

The article also didn't go unnoticed by the FSA either, who congratulated Biba on threatening to take such a tough stance.

Unfortunately, the identity of the insurer remains a mystery after it turned out that the '60 days to issue a policy' claim was nothing more than a clash of egos between an underwriter and an out-of-favour broker.