Your anonymous reader "broker of 30 years experience" was grateful for the role Biba was attempting to play, in delivering schemes to its members, but was critical of the quality of scheme negotiated, even mentioning Biba's "entrepreneurialism."

As a trade association, why on earth does Biba believe it is its place to provide insurance schemes for members? Corgi doesn't try to sell washbasins to its members, the ABI doesn't try and source underwriting capital for its memebers, so why should Biba believe it is its role to negotiate schemes? Its role is surely to lobby government, the FSA and other stakeholders to ensure that members' interests are protected, and to represent them when in dispute with others. It is not a commercial entity - it is a trade body.

It is a misapprehension that brokers getting behind their trade body can somehow improve or protect their commercial position with insurers. That role is well catered for by the professional broker networks.

So please Biba, stick to what you're good at, and leave the commercial aspects of distribution to the experts.

Mark Wood
Managing director
The Broker Network