At one point last week it looked as if two leading motorbike brokers were revving up for a legal fight after one accused the other of trying to drive it out of the market.

MCE Insurance claimed it had been banned from a motorcycle festival to be held in Belfast next month, by the show's sponsor Adelaide Insurance Services.

The broker alleged that Adelaide Insurance Services had stopped all other insurers from exhibiting at the show, a claim that Adelaide and the event's promoter denied.

But Adelaide and event promoter Nutt Promotions took exception to this claim describing it as "absolute balderdash".

Adelaide's general manager Sam Geddis said: "I can tell you, as sponsor, we have no objection to any other insurance company being there. The fact of the matter is it is absolute fiction. We actually encourage all brokers, the more the merrier."

Geddis even said he would consider taking legal action against MCE for speaking "untruths".

But thankfully calm has been restored to the brokers' world after the pair kissed and made up, with Geddis even offering to buy MCE's Julian Edwards lunch next time he is in Northern Ireland. All's fair in love and broking...