Norwich Union (NU) is to reconcile its accounts with four major intermediaries in India as part of a pilot that could be rolled out to other brokers.

NU intermediary business director Ken Wallace said the four intermediaries, The Broker Network, Layton Blackham, Kerry London and Perkins Slade, signed up to the idea after a recent trip by their chief executives to India with NU.

Wallace said: "We asked them would they be happy for NU to operate our accounts reconciliation from India? The 100% consensus was that they would be delighted."

He said the brokers were impressed by the quality of NU's Indian staff.

The Broker Network chief executive Grant Ellis said: "We were just blown away by the enthusiasm of the people and their real desire to do a super job."

Wallace said at a meeting in January, the NU team would explain how the process would work. NU will also fly some of its account handlers over from India to meet the brokers' staff and gain a greater understanding of the UK market.

The idea has also evolved further with the brokers considering using the NU staff to reconcile their accounts with other insurers from India on an outsourced basis.