Having been a principal of an insurance broker since 1984, I feel in order to comment on certain issues concerning businesses such as mine.

The great majority of small brokers pride themselves on being honest and independent. OK we like to make a profit, but integrity is all important. Don't forget that our clients are not numbers, often they become our friends.

In recent years certain insurers have appeared only to be interested in premium growth - give us all your business and we will make you rich. In other words, remove choice to the client and lose your independence. Tempting though the offers have been, many of us are thankful that we did not go down that route.

To the FSA I would say: let us trade, do not bury us in red tape, do not destroy client choice. Nobody wants a situation where the customer's access to the marketplace is reduced or curtailed.

One last comment - all the regulation in the world will not stop the deliberate diversion of client monies by the unscrupulous (how much is that yacht?)

Martin Bird
Martin Bird Insurance Brokers

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