RG Ford introduces online system to meet Motor Insurance Database's deadlines

Chelmsford-based broker RG Ford has developed an online system which it claims will combat the problems posed by the Motor Insurance Database's (MID) tight deadlines.

The company said the system enables policyholders to self-administer vehicle schedules, have the amendments approved by the policy underwriter, and upload the vehicles' details on to the MID within 24 hours.

Brokers have come under fire from insurers and the Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) for not supplying relevant information to the MID within the prescribed time limits. Some insurers have threatened to cancel the agencies of the worst offenders.

RG Ford chief executive Giles Ford said: "The system allows insurers to update the MID, or we can update it overnight.

"So the problems with the 14 day deadlines [to make permanent vehicle alterations] are eradicated. If there are any errors the system automatically notifies the broker."

The secure system links with the ABI vehicle code database to give the insured access to every registered vehicle in the UK.

Ford said the system would prevent the "constant problems that insurers and brokers have of trying to find the correct make, model and derivative of a vehicle".

The broker is automatically notified of any changes made to the cover and can then email the amended information to the underwriter within 24 hours.

A link to the MID uses a file transfer system to allow the broker to upload fleet policy changes to the database in real time.

Online updates - how the system works

  • Policyholders are given secure user names and passwords to access their online fleet policy schedules
  • Policyholders can add, delete or amend vehicle details. Strict security parameters are installed online to prevent amendments from being backdated. All changes are time- stamped and broker-notified by the system immediately
  • Data is formatted onto a standardised spreadsheet. This can be emailed or faxed to the underwriter within 24 hours for approval.
  • The approved details can be uploaded onto the MID by the broker instantly