Chartered insurance firms outscored non-Chartered rivals in top-rated service dimensions across both personal and commercial lines in last year’s Broker Service Survey. How well will they fare this year?

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Brokers prefer doing business with Chartered insurers, rather than those without Chartered status, according to the Insurance Times Broker Service Survey 2015/16. 

Analysis of the data showed that, in the five dimensions of service provided by insurance companies that brokers said were the most important, Chartered insurance companies consistently outscored their non-Chartered competitors across both commercial and personal lines.

Insurance Times has now launched the survey for the 2016/17 Broker Service Survey (BSS), now in its 11th year.

Over the past 10 years, the Insurance Times Broker Service Survey has set the agenda for broker-insurer relations: highlighting where brokers feel insurers do well, and turning the spotlight on where insurers fail to match brokers’ expectations.