I have no wish to stir up the Charlie Whelan debate any more - your professional readers appear to have made up their own minds on the merits of his article, though Mr Whelan neglected to mention that Churchill made a written offer within three days of the claim, as per our guaranteed service standards.

But I must just correct the mistaken assertion made by your correspondent Colin Pool (Insurance Times 18 April) in reference to Churchill's India operations. For the record, Churchill does not have a call centre in India and has no plans to create one.

What we do have is a software development operation, which utilises the broad and impressive base of IT skills in India for the benefit of our UK customers. We are also looking at other back-office opportunities there both for ourselves and for the wider Credit Suisse group. But as for a call centre, oh no, no, no, no, no.

David Hiddleston
Business development director