Kateryna Oplachko admitted plagiarising another candidate’s work

Chartered Insurance Institute, CII

A Marsh broker has been reprimanded for plagiarism by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

Kateryna Oplachko plagiarised the continuous assessment of another, unnamed, candidate and has had her coursework disallowed and has been banned from taking CII exams for 18 months.

She will also have to sit the CII’s online ethics exam before undergoing any further assessment.

A CII spokesman said: “We do it to highlight to our members that we have a disciplinary process. We take it very seriously. It is important for our members to know that if you don’t abide by the rules of the professional body, there is a process for applying sanctions, there are reprimands.

“As [we are] a body that serves the public, they (the public) need to be aware that we discipline people and that we are not just allowing them to get away with what they shouldn’t getting away with.”

“But the CII wishes to make clear: there’s no implied criticism of Marsh themselves. This is an individual. There’s no suggestion Marsh are any way involved in this. It just so happens that she happens to work there,” he added.

A spokesman for Marsh said: “Marsh is committed to the ensuring that its colleagues adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards and takes breaches very seriously. Any colleague who falls short of them can expect to face a rigorous disciplinary process.”