Loss adjusters seek regulator's view on assessors

Cila will seek meetings with the FSA to establish guidelines regarding the regulation of public loss assessors.

It follows complaints from loss assessors - adjusters who work on behalf of insureds - that there has been little guidance from the FSA about how regulation will affect their business.

"A significant minority of our members are in the business of claims preparation and the FSA has indicated that it will directly regulate them," Cila deputy president Andy King said.

"We want to see if we can agree a way forward and we would like to know how detailed the FSA's approach will be."

Last month, Loss Recovery Group (LRG) complained that little attention had been paid to issues concerning the regulation of loss adjusters working for insureds.

Cila will now seek more information from the FSA about how regulation will affect public loss assessors.

King said: "We want to know how detailed the FSA's approach will be to issues such as response times, training and competence, and disciplinary-type issues.

"There has so far been nothing on these issues in the consultation papers."

Cila and the ABI recently progressed a second draft of a claims code which will standardise the way loss adjusters deal with insurers.

The first draft of the code, which was finalised last month, addresses a range of issues affecting loss adjusters including training and compliance, claims handling procedures, file management, complaints, business continuity and surge plans.

But as assessors fall outside the Cila/ ABI working party remit, the code will cover issues relating only to adjus-ters working for insurers.