After raging winds and torrential rain ripped off his roof sending water gushing into his home, Bryan Rosten didn't expect to have his claim for repairs rejected.

But appearances can be deceiving. According to Lloyds TSB, the wind was not a storm as its speed was five knots less than the 34 knots required.

Rosten, a retired soldier of 67, said: "It's ridiculous. It certainly looked like a storm."

A disgruntled Rosten added: "It was a shock when the water started to pour through the ceiling.

"But I got an even bigger shock when I called the claims centre and was told they wouldn't pay out a penny because the wind wasn't strong enough to be classed as a storm."

Perhaps feeling a little harsh, Lloyds TSB then said there was evidence that the roof may have already been damaged before the bad weather.