Ace is calling on the directors' and officers' (D&O) insurance market to provide greater clarity for extradition cover.

The insurer said the recent publicity of the NatWest three case had caused concern and confusion over D&O cover, with buyers and brokers unsure if costs of defending and appealing extradition were covered.

Joe Fernandez, D&O product manager at Ace, said: "It's important that the market avoids making the matter more complicated by continually debating whether D&O will provide protection in these circumstances. In our view it does, and directors should not be left feeling confused."

As a response to inquiries from brokers Ace has issued a policy endorsement to confirm that extradition proceedings are included in the cover.

Broker Marsh also agreed that clarity was needed in order to reassure the D&O market.

Nick Foord-Kelcey, D&O partner at Marsh, said: "The clarity is needed, clients are looking for positive statements of coverage, and something they can show the rest of the board.

"The debate has helped to clear things up, the extradition process was something of a mystery and there has been a clearer understanding over the last few weeks."