Training and competence (T&C) is a key part of the FSA's regulatory regime, the focus being squarely on senior management to ensure that the requirements are met.

T&C is not just about passing CII exams. Brokers must look at the role performed by each staff member and put in place the necessary training and assessment programmes to ensure that they are competent to perform their roles.

This week's articles take an in-depth look at the T&C requirements. Colin Rawlings runs through the five T&C commitments in the FSA handbook, while Elizabeth Mills gives some practical guidance on putting together a T&C scheme.

So far the response has been good to my request for brokers to email me when they have been ‘minded to authorise' by the FSA. The list will go up on the Insurance Times compliance mini-site shortly. But keep them coming in. Shout about your success.