questions Direct Line's most competitive 'major' insurer claim has raised question marks over Direct Line's latest claim that it is the UK's most competitive 'major' insurer*, according to a recent study. The online comparison site claims that the research also reveals Direct Line's premiums fall outside the top three cheapest quotes for three-quarters of consumers, and that over 9 out of 10 consumers will find cheaper insurance with other providers.

The 'Deloitte Quarterly Motor Insurance Market Report', published at the end of May, reveals that across a range of 1000 customer profiles they were cheapest only 78 times - less than 8% of the time.

Moreover the report doesn't include several of the UK's most competitive insurers and brokers, including the Budget Group, Swinton, Admiral, Quinn and SAGA.

Commenting on Direct Line's claim and its ongoing campaign to persuade consumers against using price comparison websites, Debra Williams, managing director for said: "In publicising this report, Direct Line are highlighting the fact that over 90% of customers, and perhaps more, will find cheaper car insurance with other providers. What's more, if this report covered 100% of the insurance market, Direct Line would undoubtedly fall below its current 8% for competitiveness. What better argument is there for using a price comparison site!

"We've no doubt that for certain types of risk Direct Line may well be competitive, however how would anyone know if they refuse to allow their prices to be compared against the rest of the market."

*Based on research by Deloitte & Touche LLP