Dr Benjamin Chang has to pay over £183,000 within three months, or his sentence is doubled

A man, jailed earlier this year for fraud by false representation and for being in possession of articles for use in fraud and money laundering, has been ordered to pay back over £183,000 for the benefit of his crime.

Dr Benjamin Chang, 57, of Mill Hill, London, was a registered (but not practising) GP. He was employed to conduct medical examinations on behalf of solicitors, for people who were making personal injury claims following car accidents.

He would make medical assessments through his medical agency, Hertford Healthcare, based in Milton Keynes.

He would then invoice solicitors for the medical assessment, and then later send another invoice from a company called Proteus Healthcare, which he claimed had provided the patients with 8-10 physiotherapy sessions following the initial medical assessment.

However, Proteus Healthcare did not exist and was registered to an address where another business with no connection to Proteus was operating.

Chang was arrested in May 2014 and found guilty on 27 January 2017. He was sentenced at the Old Bailey to two years in prison.

After his conviction, confiscation proceedings were instigated by the City of London Police and the CPS.

At the Old Bailey on 15 December 2017 and a confiscation order under the Proceeds of Crime Act was granted against Chang.

Chang must pay the money within three months or face an additional two years in prison.

Detective sergeant Matthew Hussey, of the City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED), said:

“Chang’s deceitful actions have led to him not only serving time in prison but also now having to pay back the money that he fraudulently gained.

“The City of London Police and the CPS worked together to ensure that Chang did not benefit from his illegal actions and we are pleased that he will now be paying the price.

“This money will be returned to the victims of the crime and will go some way towards repaying them for being defrauded.”