It was interesting to read in the Sunday papers that Labour's Alan Johnson is wrestling with his Cabinet colleagues over family values and the promotion of marriage.

Because Backchat has found a novel answer to the dilemma of the social conundrum of divorce - marriage insurance of course!

In China, couples are being induced to stay married long-term through a new insurance product that pays 400,000 Yuan (£26,300) if they stay together for 30 years.

The insurer Ping An Insurance has offered the Guarantee of Love policy after the surge in the Chinese divorce rate since 2003, when legal restrictions became more flexible.

China has also seen the social stigma associated with divorce become more relaxed in recent years.

Will it catch on in the UK? Well, with the likes of Mrs Charman and other members of the multi-million pound ex-wives club, Backchat thinks £26,000 seems a little cheap for 30 years of marital hell.