It seems some people are just made for the insurance industry.

It emerged last week that a certain public relations executive from Royal & SunAlliance had a road mishap during his youth that found him and his vehicle upside down in the middle of a farmer’s field.

The fact that no one was around to witness the crash, except for a couple of cows, didn’t stop this rules-of-the-road man from promptly turning on his hazard lights before exiting the vehicle – just as his insurance company instructed.

Milking information from witnesses at the scene over what might have led to the crash was said to be very difficult.

A certain roadside assistance company was more than happy to tow the car for free, but apparently charged a small fortune to mooove the vehicle out of the field.

Backchat wonders if a life-long career in insurance was the sacrifice he made to keep his motor premiums low.