Cunningham Lindsey is to launch a service providing expert advice in non-insurance disputes.

The loss adjuster has also launched a fraud prevention service for local authorities and a pre-loss consultancy division.

Cunningham Lindsey strategic business development director Gary Chambers said the quantum expert services, to be launched in April, would provide expert opinion in financial and legal disputes:

"Specialist adjusters will be enrolled in the Academy of Experts (the professional body for expert witnesses). They will advise on areas such as business interruption and valuations."

On the fraud prevention service, Chambers said: "The scheme provides a hot line for people to call in to report suspected fraud. We have produced leaflets and set up call centres. The details are passed on to the local authority for investigation."

Finally, Cunningham's pre-loss consultancy work provides advice on building valuation, risk management, and asbestos surveys. Business continuity planning is also being targeted.