I always thought my job (in a local insurance brokers office) was a fairly low-risk sort of job... until I phoned Royal & SunAlliance More Th>n for a quote on my VW Golf, which is due for renewal next month.

I've been informed that my job is high-risk and R&SA cannot possibly give me a quote if I drive my car to and from work. This despite me only doing 7,000 miles a year, only using the car for social, domestic and pleasure, and to and from work. I never use my car for work (I think I've been out once in the last two years. Even then I was driven by someone with a company car.) R&SA still says no quote.

It would appear that the days of actually underwriting a risk are well and truly over.

Tracey Crosbie, aged 30.
No convictions, no medical condition. Nine years no claims discount. Desk job. High risk

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