I refer to the letter 'DAS manager finds LFC attack wanting' (Insurance Times, March 2) from A J Buss, assistant general manager of DAS Legal Expenses Insurance.

Let me make it absolutely clear to Mr Buss and DAS that in no way have I suggested that the DAS policy is inferior to other policies. Indeed, I have been recommending DAS policies since 1983 and will continue to do so, as clearly they are the pioneers in this industry.

All I wanted to do was bring to the attention of my colleagues in the broking/intermediary industry the potential problem of the proviso previously mentioned.

We as a company are fully aware of the alternative markets, and, having compared contracts, there are of course differences between each policy – the same as any insurance contract.

If you refer to previous comments, we will continue to recommend DAS as a Commercial Legal Expenses Insurer, but until the wording is changed, we cannot recommend Contract Disputes Cover.

I hope this clarifies matters and puts an end to any misunderstanding.
J P Clayton
Managing director
LFC Insurance Group
South Woodham Ferrers, Essex

Small motor trade revs up
We were interested to read in your Commercial Motor supplement (IT, February 17) the current assessment of the motor trade sector.

Whilst we would agree with many of the concerns the industry has, our view is contrary to Neil Clutterbuck of CGU's view that "it is not a rosy picture for car dealers".

Whilst mergers and acquisitions at the top end of the motor trade sector will probably mean redundancies, this in turn gives rise to many opportunities for trained technical and sales staff. In our experience, when recession hits, the small motor trade booms.
Mike Slack
Chairman & managing director
Road Runner Group, Purley

Mystified by vehicle variation
Is it any wonder motor insurers are in such dire straits? I have just put through a quote for a new vehicle being obtained by our client. The results were:

1. Norwich Union old fashioned (i.e proposal) – £970.

2. Norwich Union wizzo powerpoint (EDI) – £1,407

3. Drake – £3,330

And the client goes to Admiral and gets £533 – all for exactly the same risk.

How on earth can such a wide variation be justified?
Mike Cullen
Director – personal lines
Moffatt Cousins Insurance Brokers
Ware, Herts

Driving into car quote trouble
I was recently asked by a family friend to obtain a car insurance quotation for him and was unable to do so because of his circumstances.

The friend, who is male, and aged 20, is a self-employed carpet fitter and wished to insure his 1994 Ford Fiesta Van for £1,700.

He realised that he would have trouble doing this so it was decided that the van would be registered in the name of his father, who is a self-employed farmer, aged 52 and he would be quoted on the policy as the main user.

There must be plenty of young self-employed people in this country who operate their own transport in the course of their business.

I should therefore be grateful if you would advise me which insurers and or brokers I can approach with a view to getting a quote.
Doug Parker
IFA, 10 Waddow Grove
Waddington, Clitheroe
Lancs BB7 3JL

- Ed: Any takers?

Who's levelling the playing field?
The letter from Gerry Gilmartin (IT, March 2) is misleading – and comes at a critical time for us all.

Whilst at the present time I await a reply from the GISC hotline, I already have on file – albeit some while ago – a letter from GISC stating that it is not involving itself with the issue of dual pricing (which is the level playing field the industry relates to).

Of course, if this view has been updated in the emphasis of transparency for brokers clients or indeed for integrity throughout the industry, which both in turn encourage choice, then I am sure we all wish to become properly aware.

Perhaps the Competition Act has urged a rethink.
I F Holt
Colney Insurance Brokers
Colney, Herts

Sure looks perfect to me...
I am sure I speak for everyone in the industry when I say how much I resent the remarks being made that IT editor Chris Wheal is too unattractive for the media.

As everyone knows, Chris has the perfect looks to be a radio broadcaster.
Mark Bishop,
PR manager
Allianz Cornhill