The death of the high street broker has been overplayed in recent years, according to a leading financial services corporate adviser.

IMAS Corporate Advisors managing principal Oliver Laughton-Scott said predictions of the death of such operations had been "premature".

He said: "Swinton has done a very good job and people like the fact that it could go into the broker if they wanted to."

Laughton-Scott said Swinton had used technology to make its high street presence viable. "Clever use of technology has ameliorated the cost benefits that used to be associated, to a large extent, with call centres.

The ability of high street brokers to select their clients, is an advantage over the large direct players, said Laughton-Scott.

"If you're a big company then your clients select you, rather than you selecting your clients.

"The smaller companies can pick a better profile of customer."

Laughton-Scott said smaller companies would also see a benefit in fewer claims, creating a more profitable book of business.