Children who damage home electrics are costing parents a small firtune.

Children – bless the little devils – are costly, as Backchat knows only too well. And those angels with dirty faces are racking up hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage to electrical gadgets in the UK.

A survey by Sheilas’ Wheels has found that 25% of children had broken or damaged electronic equipment in the home, leaving parents to fork out an estimated £553m a year to repair or replace the damaged items.

Each child causes around £183 worth of damage to equipment such as home cinema systems, Wii consoles and laptops every year.

Nearly a quarter of parents polled admitted that they would make their children pay for the damage as part of their punishment, rather than fork out the money themselves.

With the school summer holidays fast approaching, parents will need to brace themselves for the destructive force of the nation’s under 16s.