Watford-based brokers Dickson is announcing a comprehensive cyberpolicy, called insuranc-e, which provides up to £20 million liability cover for business on the internet.

The policy covers computer hacking, malicious or accidental system disruption, business losses, virus damage, disputes over trademarks, intellectual property theft, hijacking and e-libel.

The product has its own website – www.insurance-e.com – which gives details of the product and how to buy it.

Managing director Paul Dickson, said: "Without rule books, businesses have been compelled to implement systems, for the most part precariously prefixed with the ubiquitous 'e'. Insuranc-e has been developed to provide businesses with protection for many of the risks, often specific to this use of technology, to be faced when venturing onto the internet.

He adds: "Insuranc-e is new media-focused; very high initial levels of cover are available in one place – the internet – for liability, crime and risk management fees indemnity."

Insuranc-e includes cover for e-libel, breach of intellectual property rights and misuse of confidential information. In addition, it covers criminal acts, which include employee dishonesty, third party initiated losses and funds transfer fraud.

The policy is underwritten by AIG.