The Department for Transport’s (DfT) decision to implement motor e-certificates (News, 22 November) is fantastic news.

The BGL Group has been lobbying on this point for many months to highlight its huge benefits, and to push for its adoption.

The move will help the motor insurance database, financed by the insurance industry, to support the police, and become a real-time record of proof of insurance.

This will keep uninsured motorists off the road, reducing the cost of uninsured accidents – currently at £500m a year.

Ultimately that could mean a welcome reduction in annual premiums by as much as £30.

That means customers will also share our pleasure at the news – and not just because of pricing.

An online survey of customers that we carried out in April showed that 86% would prefer to receive their policy documents online.

The move also means major environmental benefits, when the amount of paper used to issue policy documents by mail is taken into account

With the green agenda such huge news, this is extremely positive.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on developments and urge the DfT to progress the legislation quickly.

Truly good news to both car drivers and the insurance industry is a very scarce commodity.

Matthew Donaldson

Group director

The BGL Group