Sims' expertise will bolster investment and consultancy work, says operations partner

Broking consultancy and investment house Endorphin has named John Sims as its first associate.

Sims, an independent consultant and former chief executive of underwriting and claims consultancy Lorega, will not become an Endorphin employee. But he will work for the company on certain projects.

He has established himself as a consultant to insurers since his departure from Lorega in May.

Endorphin’s expertise is in the broking marketplace. But operations partner Robert Brown said the company wanted to build up a network of associates who could work alongside and for the company, offering specialist skills in areas outside Endorphin’s core area.

“Because we are a hub for the industry and we get a lot of enquiries through, we felt that if we could build a base of associates of John’s calibre, then we would have a good platform to offer high-level consultancy to the industry,” Brown said. “Endorphin’s expertise is the broking marketplace. But there are other things going on around our investment and consultancy work that slip outside of that. It is nice to have additional expertise on board to deal with those.”

Sims is perhaps best known in the market for his 11-year tenure as European personal lines manager for insurer Chubb between 1996 and 2007. He joined Lorega in September 2007.

Following Sims’ resignation from Lorega, he was approached by Sterling Insurance Group to help with its high-net-worth strategy. From then on, he has undertaken a number of consultancy roles, including for Mitsui Sumitomo, where he is still engaged in a project.