Would you welcome a quicker, easier way to source optimum cover for your charity clients? Sarah Cox, Managing Director of Ansvar Insurance, shares valuable breaking news for brokers who work with the third sector

If you’re an experienced broker, you will know that high quality, tailored insurance policies for charities are thin on the ground. Too often, non-profits have to make do with corporate insurance that has been tweaked to fit, rather than designed from scratch to give them what they truly need.

When our 60th anniversary of providing specialist insurance for charities rolled around last year, we took it as an opportunity to refresh our offerings and make it even easier for brokers and their clients to get the most appropriate cover.

So what’s new?

Three new products, set to be launched this year, are among other major changes that will make your life as a broker easier.

Before I reveal more about them, let me tell you what hasn’t changed.

Ansvar is still a charitably owned organisation itself, with all its profits going to support charities. What gets us out of bed in the morning is the knowledge those charities are relying on us – as are the many others we insure. We care deeply that charities have the best, fit-for-purpose insurance they can, no matter what size they are.

Which brings me to the changes we’re making.

A new, simplified question set means you will be able to source quotes more quickly and easily. That way, when you select a trade type, such as ‘support group’, the policy will assume a set of associated activities – such as befriending, advice and pastoral support – and quote accordingly. If you wish, you can then bolt on any extras.

Adding this greater degree of granularity to the process also means your quotes can be fine-tuned and more competitively priced.

We’re making our language simpler too. Our rebranded product brochures are all Crystal Marked for plain English, with improved layouts and design, to make is easier for you and your clients to understand and assess the cover on offer.

E-trading across the range

Another important way we’ve simplified life for brokers is to make all our products available for online purchase. You can still speak to our expert team when you want to – or simply take a web-only approach when you don’t.

Three new products to watch out for

Soon, you will be able to use our improved quoting and online system to access three new products that can be customised to meet the needs of your charity clients: Charity and Community for medium to large charities; Small Charity; or Clubs, Groups and Societies.

These new products stand on the shoulders of the market-leading covers we have built our reputation on.

Our first improvement was to make the names more ‘does what it says on the tin’, to help brokers and clients identify the most appropriate cover more easily.

We then rolled up our sleeves and went to work on the products themselves, so each one offers more cover, more competitively priced. For example, our Small Charity product now comes with abuse cover as standard. And if property damage cover is selected, it automatically includes £5m in equipment breakdown cover.

You’ll also find four new packages available within each core product. Select allows you to customise the level of cover your client needs. Essentials offers basic cover. Advantage and Advantage Plus include a range of extras, such as contents cover levels as standard.

Making life easier

We’re really excited about the improved ways we can work in partnership with brokers to make it easier to provide charity clients with high quality, tailor-made cover. Look out for our new platform and product launch in the coming months – and if you have any questions in the meantime, please call us on 0345 60 20 999 or visit ansvar.co.uk.



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