Donna Scully, director of Carpenters Group, reflects on the anti-fraud progress being made in the industry

I’ve got to use this Fraud Charter Expert View to say how impressed I am both with the teams at Insurance Times and at Carpenters Group and with the anti-fraud experts in our industry during lockdowns and the pandemic. 

Before the pandemic, the Fraud Charter ran for many years with Carpenters Group as a long-term sponsor. We had four in-person meetings a year and a great cross-section of anti-fraud experts, regulators and other agencies involved.

Donna Scully preferred pic

Donna Scully, Carpenters Group

Fast forward to April 2020 and we needed to regroup, so our old in-person meeting became virtual. We got a great turnout, lots of interaction and a willingness to collaborate and share ideas on how the pandemic might impact fraud.

As the meetings were virtual, we could expand our numbers and we now have an unprecedented group of experts representing all corners of our market. We have shared information, data and problems and brainstormed to make sure fighting fraud remained at the top of our agendas.

I have been blown away by how quickly everybody adapted and how they embraced our common goal of fighting fraud to protect innocent customers. I have to mention David Phillips from NFU Mutual, who recently became chair of the General Insurance Fraud Committee, who joined us by invitation, because his attendance and input have been invaluable. His appointment is, in my view, inspired.

Already, he is making his mark and will no doubt do a fantastic job. His determination, drive and enthusiasm is infectious.

I also want to thank David Parkin, deputy head of civil justice at the MoJ, who turns up for our meetings despite, I imagine, a gruelling schedule. He always contributes constructively and at our recent meeting was positive about setting up a successor body to the Insurance Fraud Taskforce, which I wholeheartedly support. It would be great to have an industry cross‑section anti-fraud body with enforcement agencies and regulators there too.

Thank you to everybody who has kept the Fraud Charter going over the past few years. I look forward to seeing you in December to thank you and buy you a drink and a mince pie.