A group of brave insurance rugby fans ventured into the lions' den for last weekend's England versus France clash in the Rugby World Cup.

Legal firm Hugh James organised a 'boys on tour' trip to Nice and decided to watch the big game at Nice rugby club.

Believing that there would be general sportsman-like bonhomie and friendly rivalry, and fuelled by the healing qualities of Ricard, the four draped themselves in the St George's flag andwalked into the club singing the rugby anthem "Swing low sweet chariot".

The four, not surprisingly, were met by 50 pairs of hardened eyes sandwiched between cauliflower ears.

So the flag was quickly taken off the shoulders and placed in a pocket.

But the four remained steadfast and watched as Jonny Wilkinson kicked his way to glory.

The bulldog spirit remained and the boys from Blighty withstood the grumblings of "rostbifs" to regale the crowd with "You only sing when you are winning".