Jonathan Davey endorses effective planning

Brokers should focus on their core values to succeed going forward, according to Jonathan Davey, chief executive of Primary Broker Services.

"Core values represent business DNA - the DNA of your customers and how they perceive you in your businesses. It's something we've spent a lot of time on in developing our business to where we are today, by concentrating on what it is that really makes our business tick.

"Growth will only happen if you plan it effectively. I'm not talking about just having a business plan, because we all have one of those - a business plan that you may talk to the banks with or to your insurer partners with - but a real plan documenting exactly what it is you're going to do day-to-day in your business to allow you to grow.

"The core value that we established when we set up this business was to have an indelible commitment to customer service.

"I know that anybody can talk to you about their customer service proposition. However, we believe ours is second to none.

"But a lot of people just give lip service to customer service in this industry."