Metropolitan Police firearms officer wants up to £100,000

A Metropolitan Police firearms officer is suing Saga’s parent Acromas for up to £100,000 after he was run over following a car chase and gun confrontation with fleeing suspects.

The cop was in one of two police cars chasing a BMW driven by Shakeel Razaq when it finally stopped because of traffic at some lights, according to the writ filed at the High Court.

It gave a chance for the two police cars to block Razaq’s car and stop him escaping.

The cop got out of the car and pointed his gun at the front of the BMW, and as his fellow officers tried to make arrests, he was run over, the writ says.

The officer suffered ankle injuries that mean he might not be able to continue doing his job following the confrontation in March 2009, it is claimed.

The BMW’s insurance was covered through insurance intermediary Saga, part of Acromas. The officer is suing Acromas for personal injury and financial loss following the accident. He wants at least £25,000 in damages, limited to £100,000.

Saga and lawyers for both parties declined to comment.