Moorhouse Enterprise backs Taunton broker

Welsh broker Moorhouse is close to launching its first business under Moorhouse Enterprise.

Taunton-based freight and haulage commercial broker Optin is set to be the first and will be led by Mike Callard.

It will become an appointed representative of the Moorhouse Group, subject to regulatory approval.

Moorhouse Enterprise aims to support the next generation of broker start-ups and has provided Optin with a software system, compliance support,and business advice.

The shareholding split is Mike Callard 60%; Moorhouse 20% and Moorhouse chairman Lyndon Wood 20%.

Wood said: “I really enjoy helping businesses generally so it has been great to see the first Moorhouse Enterprise project get off the ground.

"There are a lot of people who would like to start up their own business but are put off by the various hurdles to be overcome and the economic climate.

"There are several other prospects in play for Moorhouse Enterprise which aims to help many realise their ambitions.”