We were totally intrigued by the article on flooding (16 May, Insurance Times) in which it was suggested that insurers "do not want to see the building reinstatement market curtailed" as it is a "cash cow" for them, which plainly does not make sense. We know, because we have been working directly with insurers. They do not want to maintain this status quo, but are, in fact, working to reduce claims leakage after flooding incidents.

We do, however, wholeheartedly agree with Lloyds TSB's premise in "seeking to identify complex and frustrating problems facing flood affected regions". Our experience of regional flooding incidents has shown that the involvement of damage management companies is essential if successful reinstatement is to be achieved.

For example, following the floods in Lewes alone we had over 130 different properties to correctly dry and decontaminate. Our concern was when we had completed our drying and restoration works how much of the building fabric was then needlessly removed by building contractors, costing insurers more than necessary.

We believe that in many cases unnecessary building works are carried out by contractors who do not understand the potential cost savings achievable through correctly applied drying and restoration techniques.

Neal Courtney
Commercial director
BELFOR-Relectronic (UK)

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