AXA, Fortis, NU and MMA roll out SSP's EDI system for household risks

AXA, Fortis, Norwich Union (NU) and MMA have gone live with Software Solutions Partners' (SSP) full-cycle EDI system for household business.

However, the system will only be available to brokers who currently have electronic broking systems electRa or electRa M3.

SSP's system will enable policy documents to be produced on point of sale. The system also stores client details securely and ensures that renewal dates are recorded.

SSP executive business manager Mark Woronowski said: "Our motor EDI developments were very successful and brokers and insurers insisted that the next logical step was to implement full-cycle EDI for household business."

Woronowski expects that by next year the majority of new household cases transacted by SSP's brokers will be traded electronically.

The program was developed in conjunction with a panel of insurers including AXA, Allianz Cornhill, Ecclesiastical, Fortis, MMA and NU. Only AXA, Fortis, MMA and NU are taking up the system immediately but the rest are expected to go live later this year, said th company.

Other enhancements on the new electRa and electRa M3 release include a new and improved premium finance capability, complaints handling module and rapid addressing provided by AFD.

Woronowski said: "The complaints handling module is an ideal way for brokers to store complaints electronically in the event that the FSA wants to have a look at them."

Last month, SSP also launched three compliance modules to assist its brokers with FSA regulation. The modules, called Compliance Connect, were developed by SSP together with Insurance Compliance Services and the Insurance Training Consortium.